MBB College
General information
Established in1947
Courses OfferedHonours & General
HODBaishali Devi
Associate Professors1
Paper Presentations8
Books / Book Chapters5
OC, RC & FDP21
Assistant Professors3
Postgraduate Teachers0
Guest Lecturers0
Brief Profile of the Department

The Department of Physics, MBB College is a one of the renowned Department of the college and also of Tripura. Since 1947, this college has produced a galaxy of genious students,presently reputed figure holding the different prestigious post in different field in India and abroad.

From 2017,a CBCS syllabus is introduced under MBB university. Here a list of the students admitted (1st sem) and passed out (final sem) of last five years are given:-

Year Students admitted Students passed out

2016-2017 Hons-39, Pass-166 Hons-14, Pass-26

2017-2018 Hons-31, Pass-199 Hons-21, Pass-55

2018-2019 Hons-26, Pass-103 Hons-18,Pass-

10(student opted

Physics as project )

2019-2020 Hons-27,Pass-54 Hons-23,Pass-78

2020-2021 Hons-23,Pass- 28 (B.Sc) Hons-22

45 (IMD)

2021-2022 Hons-23,Pass-37 Hons-23,Pass-37


Baishali Devi
Assistant Professor
Dr. Mahua Acharjee
Associate Professor
Dr. Jayeeta Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor
Nilima Biswas ( Roy )
Assistant Professor
Strength of the Department

1. Department has efficient, dedicated and updated faculties.

2. Department has good and intelligent students.

3. Department has its own library with important text and reference books.

4. Department has specious classrooms and laboratories.

5. Students are encouraged for different activities like organizing and participating in seminar, Workshop, participating in debate, quiz competition, National science day celebration,publication of Wall Magazine, participation in sports,NCC, NSS and also in different cultural Programme.

6. Department has nice and pollution free environment

Weakness of the Department


1. Inadequate Laboratory staff to assist Laboratory activities.

2. Shortage of scientific instruments in the Laboratory.

3. Shortage of upgraded lab.

4. Shortage of drinking water facility.

5. Shortage of regular faculty.

6. Shortage of ICT enabled classes.


1. After completion of the Programme student will get the core knowledge in Physics and can

compete different Govt. and non Govt. job related exams.

2. Students can grow as a budding scientist and serve the society in their own way.

3. They can also go for higher studies in future for high rank job in different Industries,Research lab,

Companies with lucrative salary package.

4. The certificate course which we can incorporate can give students a great chance to get small

market jobs in early basis.


1. Large number of students with small sitting arrangement in the classroom which de-motivate

students to come college regularly.

2. Competition with other colleges.

3. Imbalance in student –teacher ratio.

Future Plan

1. Starting carrier oriented course like certificate course in maintenance of electrical and

electronics appliances.

2. Arrangement of study tour so that they can acquire knowledge from other higher institutional

laboratory visit.

3. The faculty to be continuously upgraded by attending different FDP and Seminars, lecture series

which will be beneficial for the students.

4. Help fund by the students and faculty members will be deposited when and where required for the needy students.