Knowledge is the key to immortality
Prepared by Ratna Biswas - Postgraduate Teacher - Philosophy

1st semester honours

CC --- 2, MCQ


1// proposition affirms or denies the relation between ---

a. Subject &predicte b.two subjects c. two predictes d.subject ----------- answer (a)subject &predicte

2// The inference in which a conclusion is derived from one premise --

a.immediate b. mediate c. Judgment d. proposition

------ answer ( a) immediate

3// Syllogism is a -----

a. immediate inference b. mediate inference c. opposition d. education ------- answer ( b ) mediate inference

4// Which one of the following is not an opposition ----

a.contrary b. contradictory c. sub-altern d. conversion

-----answer (d) conversion

5// Which opposition States the relation between A&I and E&O

a.contrary b. contradictory c. sub-contrary d.sub-altern

----- answer (d)sub-altern

6// A syllogism consists of ----- proposition

a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

-----answer (3)

7// opposition is a ------ inference

a. indirect b. direct c. concrete d. immediate

------ answer ( immediate )

8// The relation between two particular propositions having the same subject and predicte but difering in quality is ----- opposition

a. contrary b. contradictory c. sub-alternation d. sub - contrary ------- answer (d ) sub-contrary

9// From two ------ premises, no conclusion is possible

a. universal b. affirmative c. negative d. categorical

------answer (c) negative

10// -------- is a valid mood of the first figure


------ answer (d) BARBARA

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