Knowledge is the key to immortality
General Concept of Indian Philosophy
Prepared by Lipika De - Postgraduate Teacher - Philosophy

CC --1

Unit --1(M.C.Q.)

1). How many Astika school are admitted by Indian Philosophy

a) Three b) Four c) Five d)six.

2) How many Nastika school are admitted by Indian Philosophy --

a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Five.

3) which one of the following is not an Astika school in Indian Philosophy ---

a)Nyaya school b) Sankhya school c)Jaina school d) Mimansa school.

4) In Indian Philosophy Pramana is---

a) instrument of valid knowledge. b) instrument of invalid knowledge, c) instrument of spritual knowledge d) none of them.

5) According to Indian Philosophy Prama is---

a) Yathartha Anubhava b) Ayathartha Anubhava c)Both(a) and (b,) d)none of them.

6) Different school of Indian Philosophy are ---

a) Orthodox and Heterodox b)Mahavrata and Anuvrata c) Nirvikalak and savikalpak d) None of them

7) How many purusarthas are admitted by Indian Philosophy ----

a) three b) Four c) Five d) six.

,8) How many sections of Vedas ---

a) Four b) six c) two d) Five.

9) "Upanishad has been the solace of my life, it will be the solace of my death"is said by ---

a) Schopenhauer b) Sankara c) Ramanujan d) None of them.

10) How many paths for realisation of the Supreme End ---

a) three b) six. C) four d) two

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